Wedding Hangover

…but in a good way. πŸ™‚ I LOVE weddings! I was sad once all the planning for my own was over, but then very excited as many of my friends began getting engaged! I posted earlier about my friend Emily’s wedding that i helped with, and absolutely loved doing! My best friend Nikki is getting married in a month and I’m hoping she’ll give me some projects to work on because I’m already having withdrawals! lol

Because I love weddings so much it seems only fitting that I give the top 10 from my Pinterest board “Wedding Hangover” that I would do if I did my wedding over. (By the way, I absolutely loved EVERYTHING about my wedding! There are just so many great ideas out there!)

 #1) Find a beautiful old barn and cover the ceiling with lights.

And I LOVE these love family-style wood tables, flowing table cloths and wood chairs.

These chandeliers are to die for! so pretty!

p#2) Do something cuter for my bridesmaids.

#3) Done this for my photo booth…

#4) I love coffee. Like LOVE. I would have done these favors if I had had the budget:

#5) Done this for my aisle- love love all the petals!

#6) had buttons on my dress. that is the only thing i would have changed about it πŸ™‚

#7) Had ring bearers or sign carriers.

I just didn’t have enough little kids in my family.

#8) Have a better exit.

We didn’t really have a exit. we basically drove out of the garage as people waved goodbye. I would have liked to run through a tunnel having people throw confetti, wave flags or whatever and cheer πŸ™‚

#9) Get this picture…

#10) Had a horse drawn carriage ❀

I only get one wedding, and I loved mine. It’s fun to relive my own and see new ideas through my friends’ weddings. Hmmm, maybe a 10 year vow renewal?  I already have the ring picked out…..

Ok, maybe 20 year anniversary. πŸ™‚


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