Watching for Rainbows

The Lord promised never to flood the entire earth again, that doesn’t mean that floods are out of the question as i am finding out.

I have never been in a serious flood and, beyond having to take different routes on my way to campus, i am not seriously effected by the flooding today in Salem which has gotten pretty serious in some areas.

here are some pictures of the flooding:    

The flooding got bad enough that the Corban school officials walked around and stopped classes part way through the day to send commuters home safely. I had to stay on campus because my shift at work wasn’t canceled but thankfully i live on a hill and i have a clear(ish) route home.

Speaking of home- one of the joys of living in the basement is dealing with flood waters. The outside wall of our bedroom leaks with heavy rainfall. So far we have only dealt with slight dampness- but today, the foot or so closest to the wall was soaking wet! Towels and heaters are clearing the way thankfully.

In other news: I gave blood today! I feel pretty accomplished being that I hate needles. 🙂 It was a good experience, i didn’t cry and i wasn’t nervous but i did almost blackout. I don’t know if i’ll give again- i guess i probably will, once the memory of that needle fades a bit.

Praying that you all are safe and well. May God bless and protect you!


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