Christmas Decorating Crafting

I found three old milk bottles under my sink when i moved in and had no idea what to do with it. Then the other day I thought to do this…
cut out letters and glue them down

paint the bottles

put lights in them and tie bows at the top (to hide the cord). Pretty huh? 🙂

I found these pretty stars on Pintrest and they are so easy and fun to make! The words are in another language but the pictures do a good job showing what to do.stars

And what is Christmas without stockings hung by the fire?

This pillow is made out of burlap from my wedding and then i freehanded with sharpee.
Table centerpiece

Our bedroom. The headboard is just old book pages stuck to the wall with sticky tac. And i made the pillow with a ribbon and burlap hot glude to a pillow i already had (so could hopefully remove it eventually…)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! more crafts to come I’m sure!


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