Foster Parents

Meet Priscilla- an adorable kitten I brought home yesterday.

We’ve been wanting to adopt a kitten for a long time but we just don’t have the funds. I found Salem Friends of Felines and went and talked to them about fostering kittens. Normally they only cover medical things for the foster kittens, but after talking for a while about our situation they decided to provided us with food and litter so we can foster kittens for them! Within a half hour I was driving home with a lovely little fluff ball.

Jeff didn’t know i was stopping by there so when i went to pick him up from work i brought blindfold and told him i had a surprise for him. I made him stand by the front door and wait. He thought i had built another fort- then i put a warm fuzzy little body in his hands and his face lit up 🙂

Salem Friends of Felines is a great little organization that runs almost entirely on donations and the help of their volunteers. They are always in need of volunteers to help out in their thrift store, at Petsmart, and cleaning at the adoption center. They are also in need of volunteers who can support and foster kittens, adult cats, bottle fed kittens and special needs cats until they find a permanent home.

In Genesis God places us above the animals and calls us to be good stewards of his creation, to take care of it. Now I’m not a radical liberal saying get rid of hairdryers, SUV’s, and recycle everything and become a vegan- no, God gave us the animals for food (gotta love bacon!!), pleasure  and to take care of. So, if you are like me, eating chicken and beef and pork, drivin’ your SUV and occasionally throwing a plastic spork in the fire, but you want to help out, Salem Friends of Felines may be the place to go! You could at least take some of your old stuff to donate to their thrift store. Or you could volunteer in their store. Or you could foster a cutie like this…

Play hard
Sleep Hard

Nap time everyone!


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