Falling Falling Falling

Take a deep breath…
Crisp air, that green dusty smell of falling leaves, smoke from cozy fires, pumpkin latte steam…

the cold bite of air on your nose, comfy warm scarf, rain boats crunching leaves, pumpkin latte warming your fingertips and tongue…

open your eyes…
colors, so many colors! children laughing on the playgrounds, pumpkins on door steps, squirls frisking from tree to tree, pumpkin latte on the coffee table…

its that time of year again, my favorite time of year- when the air starts getting cold but the rain hasn’t set in in full force quite yet, trips to the pumpkin patch, reading next to the warm fire, pulling out sweaters and scarves, collecting colorful leaves in yellow red and orange, jumping in leaves, the anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas, Pumpkin latte creamer hits store shelves…

yes, its Autumn.

With school just starting and cold weather setting in and the rain darkening our near future, take the time to smell, feel and see the good, happy things about this season- smile! and have a pumpkin latte!


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