The Day After the Day After Tomorrow

Saturday is only three days away now- but each day drags on and on! It seems like it will never come! But before I know it, the day will be over in a blur and we’ll be off on our honeymoon, and that will even be over before I know it and it’ll be back to the real world- only I’ll be married and that will make it so much sweeter!

I have been given many pieces of advice over the last year having to do with marriage. One piece dealt with this issue. More than one woman has told me to make sure you are looking forward to marriage and not just the wedding day. Too many women forget what the day is all about and get caught up in the fantasy and all the attention. Then suddenly the day is over and she isnt getting spoiled all the time- it can leave a girl depressed.

I dont think I’ll have that problem. As much as I am looking forward to all the fun of the day, I really cant wait to be Jeff’s wife and experience life with him. I’m excited for all our firsts and lasts- first kiss, first kids, first house, last diaper, sending the last kid away to college, first job successes, first ministry together, and spending our last days together whether that means the Lord taking one of us young or growing old and gray together (i’ prefer the second option!) I am excited to experience Jeff and learn more about him and serve the Lord with him.

Our wedding day will be a precious memory, but each day can be too since we’ll be walking together through life.


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