Days 8 & 9

Lets go back to the very begining. Look how little and cute we were!

8th Grade.
It seems like such a long time ago. I’d rush to school  just so I could play basketball in the morning before classes and get to see him. I’d sit next to the ping pong table and watch, although I’d never taken an interest in it before. I’d maneuver my way into being the only seat left on the bus- or go as far as publicly announcing that I was saving a seat for Jeff. I figured out what classes he had and walked the long way to class or visited my locker ever when I didnt need to just to be able to say hi. Let’s just say- I finally got his attention. And I’ve finally caught him for good! πŸ˜€

Taken a few months after we started “going out.”

8th grade with a bunch of friends.

Jr. Prom. How he asked me.
One Saturday morning, i was sleeping so soundly and peacefully when all of a sudden I felt a kiss on my cheek. What did I do? Wake gracefully? All fluttering eyelashes and smiles? Oh no. I thought that it was my dad getting me up too early- so i swung my pillow at him without looking. Opening my sleepy eyes, i was shocked to see Jeff standing over my bed. In embarrassment I hid under the covers, hoping he’s leave for a few minutes so I could get up on my own. But he yanked the covers off of me and half carried me down the hall as I tried to wipe the sleep from my eyes and figure out what was going on. On the kitchen table was a perfect little breakfast- pancakes with “PROM?” carved out of strawberries. It took me a second to understand that he was asking me to prom. Of course I said yes! Then we ate our yummy pancakes and whipcream, while he teased me about punching him. That was a really really good morning.

I love you so much Jefferson Forrest! I cant wait to become your wife and not have to say goodnight anymore. πŸ™‚


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