First Date

With only ten (yes 10!) days to go before I become Mrs. Jefferson Forrest, I thought it would be nice to go back and visit some of our best memories. I love you Jeff Forrest. ❤

Homecoming 2006. After a year of being boyfriend and girlfriend and going on group dates, we finally got to go on  our very first real date. After pictures and a lovely dinner prepared by Jeff’s Mimi and Mom, we hopped into our “limo.” Byron was the converter and driver of our once-mini-van-turned-limo decked out with candles, sparkling cider, candy dishes and Napolian Dynamite playing from the school dance scene. The dance was all a blur, but it was a beautiful blur. I remember the first song we ever danced to was “I don’t want to Close my eyes.” The night was over much too soon, but my dress made one last appearance at church the next morning, where we were both sleepy eyed but smiling over the fun memories (and i was already planning next year).  🙂 

Five years later I’m marrying my high school sweetheart. I am so blessed. I am so in love!


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