Bridal Showers :)

I had so much fun at my Bridal showers last month! It was such a blessing to feel everyone’s love and excitement. I received many gifts, well wishes, advice and prayers.
Tiffany Me and Olivia

 Thank you to all the church ladies who blessed me by putting together such a fun evening. Thank you most of all for praying for Jeff and I.

Yay for a new last name!

 Thank you to Nikki, Rachel, and Olivia and all the ladies who helped put together the family bridal shower. you did a great job! I had such a great time and it was a huge blessing to see friends i havent seen for a while.

In other news…
our family spent last Sunday at Hendricks Park. We brought along a picnic lunch and took a nice walk and laughed at some crazy foreign students playing games in the field.
Nice work on this pic daddy! Great photo op moment!

Wedding planning is getting CRAZY! With a little over two weeks to go, there is A LOT to do! Jeff and I got our marriage license last week and ordered my ring. Around the house we’ve been cleaning and scrubbing everything along with weeding and spreading bark. We met with vendors this last week at the house and showed them where everything was going to be. We found out we get to borrow Camp Creek Church’s bus for our shuttle bus up and down the hill! Thank you!!!!! The Lord keeps providing in amazing ways!

On a very sad note… Jeff has mono 😦 please pray that he will get feeling better quickly, and that I don’t get it. I’ve been waiting long enough- I’m kissing him on our wedding day! lol


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