Antique Love

I dont know what it is about antiques that make me so happy. There’s just something about old stuff with character that I cant resist! Ok, well, when I dont have money I can resist πŸ™‚ Antique looking things are all the rage right now- the whole “shabby chic” fad which means I can find similar items in department stores for bran-spankin’ new! But faking old charm often takes the appeal away for me. Plus nothing can replace a fun outing with my bestie, hunting through aisles of junk for that perfect treasure.
I spent the morning, yesterday, drinking a Dutch Bros Kicker, walking through many antique “malls” with my best friend, Nikki. We found SOOOO many fun things we loved! I had a list in my head of a handful of things that would look perfect in my apartment. Some of them I can make my self: like this cute sign:

I like the bench it is sitting on too πŸ™‚ It’s been repainted- I think that’s another part of antiques I love, thinking of creative uses for them and fixing them up!

Nikki and I have this tradition to take pictures of ourselves in funny hats and tiaras when we go antiquing.

and here’s a couple from the past:

Love you Nikki-poo! πŸ™‚


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