OK, so I’ve had this crazy annoying eye twitch for the last week. Yes, the picture is a large exaggeration, but the twitch is almost constant at times. I think I’m stressed. I’m still looking for work, and I need to work in a bad way, and the wedding is less than two months away -WHICH IS SO EXCITING!- but there is so much to do!!! So, I’ve developed an irritating eye twitch. Wonderful.
I did turn in an application to Roaring Rapids and talked to the manager for a few minutes and left feeling very hopeful. Anyway, I’m going to call them in a couple days to check up on my application and hopefully they will want to set up an interview. I think I would prefer a job that would transfer to Salem after the wedding, but right now I’d work almost anywhere, and Roaring Rapids is one of the best summer jobs I could think of.

“Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him, and He will help you.” Psalm 37:5
My Poppop and Nanna Boring and Uncle Joe came down for a visit today which was really nice. i wish we got to see them more often. 
Yesterday was LOTS of fun! Jeff and I met at Starbucks to plan our honeymoon which was a lot of fun (quick summery: Belknap then San Diego) and I had my first dress fitting!!!! Momma helped me do my hair just to experiment before hand and I felt very much the bride with my beautiful dress on and hair and make up done. I can’t hardly wait to try it on again!!! I miss seeing it in my closet.

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