Dead Week? How ’bout Die Week?

This is how I feel right now.
Only four days left of this crazy week but the summit looks so very very very far away! Yes it is encouraging to think that i only have four days of classes left, but then again, that’s only four days to finish 2 projects, 2 presentations, and 3-4 papers totaling 15-20 pages. With needing to go to class and track practice along with a few meetings thrown in, i’m pretty sure i wont be sleeping much in the next few days. Why are you blogging you ask? Well, a girl has to have some sort of fun amid all this stress!
On the upside, I had a wonderful Easter weekend with my family. I love them. I’ve finally gotten to that age where i like sitting around the table in the morning drinking coffee and talking for hours. (My ten year old self would have screamed in horror in choosing conversation over play time) πŸ™‚
The end of this week also has some bonuses- WICKED!!!!!!!! My wonderful fiance bought us tickets to go see Wicked for my birthday way back in December. I’ve been waiting a long time for my present and i cant wait!!!
Ok…fine…back to the grindstone…


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