Dead Week? How ’bout Die Week?

This is how I feel right now.
Only four days left of this crazy week but the summit looks so very very very far away! Yes it is encouraging to think that i only have four days of classes left, but then again, that’s only four days to finish 2 projects, 2 presentations, and 3-4 papers totaling 15-20 pages. With needing to go to class and track practice along with a few meetings thrown in, i’m pretty sure i wont be sleeping much in the next few days. Why are you blogging you ask? Well, a girl has to have some sort of fun amid all this stress!
On the upside, I had a wonderful Easter weekend with my family. I love them. I’ve finally gotten to that age where i like sitting around the table in the morning drinking coffee and talking for hours. (My ten year old self would have screamed in horror in choosing conversation over play time) 🙂
The end of this week also has some bonuses- WICKED!!!!!!!! My wonderful fiance bought us tickets to go see Wicked for my birthday way back in December. I’ve been waiting a long time for my present and i cant wait!!!
Ok…fine…back to the grindstone…


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