Yes, Lent is a Catholic tradition. No, I’m not Catholic. Yes, I am observing lent.

The purpose of lent is to prepare ourselves for Easter-the day we celebrate Jesus Christ rising from the dead.
Think of it this way-if you are a basketball fan you are probably getting ready for March Madness-am I right, or am i right? You’re checkin’ up on stats, filling out those brackets, emptying your schedule and filling it with tv time and most of all-you are thinking about it and talking about it.
This is what lent is for-a preparation, a reminder, to think and talk about and prepare ourselves to celebrate the most influential day in history-The day Jesus conquered death and rose from the grave, defeating sin and offering us eternal life! Now if that isn’t WAY better than any sporting event, i don’t know what is!

I’m actually giving up cereal for lent. I know- weird thing to give up. But i have found that i eat it too much, spend too much money on it, and probably think about it too much-especially when i want a late night snack. I’m also using the Live strong site (livestrong) to keep my self accountable with eating right and exercising for the next forty days. I do this to worship God by taking better care of His temple (Romans 12:1) and because every time i eat (or refrain from eating too much) and exercise, i am reminded to think about my Savior.

What are you giving to God for the next forty days?


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