Trust God

Last night at bible study i wanted the girls in my hall to think about trust. Who and what do they trust instead of God? What aren’t they trusting Him with? I printed out a list of verses about trust (ie: Ps 28:7, Prov 11:28, Jer 17:5-8, John 14:1, etc) and asked them to pick one and S.O.A.P. up. (SOAP is a journaling Bible study method where you pick a Scripture (1 verse or more) make an Observation or two about it, Apply it to your life and Pray about it.) Then i asked them to pray about what god is asking them to trust Him with and sum it up in one word. Some of the girls shared and it was powerful to hear them expound on the word they chose. Then we wrote the word on our hands, foreheads or paper and I photographed them and hung them in the hallway so that not only would they be reminded of trust as they watched the ink fade from their hands but also as they walked by their pictures everyday on their way to class. Here are their pictures:

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